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Presence & Power, Covenant Life

In 1996, Brendan was encouraged by Diocesan Church leaders to leave a very successful position as a parish LifeTEEN coordinator to start a ministry that would take the presence and power of God he had seen move throughout his years in parish ministry to the next level. During this time of parish youth ministry, Brendan and others began the basis of what would become a Covenant Community.

These two experiences:

  1. Life transforming ministry anointed by the Presence and Power of God
  2. Along with the importance of living the Christian life in community

have become the foundational vision through which the Holy Spirit moves Brendan’s ministry. 

Divine Providence 

At the same time that this ministry was being formed, the Lord Jesus was inviting Brendan to give all that he had away and rely on the goodness of God through His good people. The Lord Jesus spoke to Brendan’s heart declaring, “If you take care of my house, I will take care of yours.” Without hesitation he answered the call. Living in Divine Providence, all that Brendan does, he does without charge.

Everything is Free 

Missions are free to parishes and CD/Study Guide Series are free to all who desire. You are one of God the Father’s major forms of supporting Brendan’s family.  

Teaching, Prophecy, Words of Knowledge, Healing and Deliverance

Brendan is a dynamic, insightful teacher of the Word of God who is able to reach adults, teens and children. Over the years, because of his knowledge of scripture and his exuberant style, many have asked if Brendan is a Protestant who converted to Catholicism to which he responds, “No, I have been a Catholic all my life. I am just radically in love!” He takes their comment as a compliment.   

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