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Five Friends for Five Weeks Weeks
Order "The Disciple's School of Prayer" for five of your friends and invite them to a meeting which could be in a home or a coffee shop.

At the first meeting hand out the "The Disciple's School of Prayer" and share the following plan: 
* "I am giving you this book because I would like our friendship to grow deeper, together, in the Lord."
* We will meet four more times for an hour to an hour and a half.
* At those meetings we will go around the group inviting each person to thank the Father for the blessings of the week; then, we will simply share what each of us has learned from "The Disciple's School of Prayer;" and to end we will close by praying for the needs of others

 and praying an Our Father.

In helping five friends grow closer to their Father in Heaven, their Abba,
could you give them a greater gift? 

Together, We are Changing Lives!

Your little brother in Jesus,

Brendan's Autobiography


 One sets about many an adventure in life not knowing the weightiness of what he is about to do. It was so when I took up the pen (keyboard) to write the story of my life so far. Word after word left me in awe as to how blessed I am, with that awe, on numerous occasions, flowing out as tears from the corners of my eyes as a sign of gratitude or the awareness of the depth of being loved. What you are about to read is not about me as much as it is about Him and His ever pursuing, relentless love. It is not written in chronological order, but in the manner of a theme of grace expressing itself in an unfolding path with unexpected blessings encountered with each turn. This is my story. But I have written it hoping you will find your story, the way He has relentlessly pursued you. When you read, don’t look at me. Open your heart and let the Father look at you so that you might discover Him whom you may never have seen before, hidden in the themes of your life. I hope you and I will meet someday and I will hear His story in you. But if we never do, let us live righteously, so to see each other in the Kingdom, and there together, we will bless His name. With all the love in my heart, I am your little brother in Jesus. Brendan, Son of the Father